How Can the Braves Find Success? 

As Braves fans, we all know how tough it has been to watch our favorite baseball team the past few months. It is almost sickening to watch them disappointingly lose seemingly winnable games. What is the source of this  disappointment, and how can the Braves find success? One answer: the bullpen. Although the offense has been experiencing a slight downfall recently, they have done a decent job of producing runs. The bullpen, on the other hand, has not been so decent. Almost every game, they have constantly let fans down. Without an efficient bullpen, the Braves will continue to drop below .500 until a win becomes an occasional and rare surprise. However, we should not lose all of our hope just yet. It seems like most of the bullpen is finally starting to settle down, and most relievers are starting to gradually find a bit of consistency over the past few games. Additionally, Andrew McKirihan is almost off of his PED suspension and Manny Banuelos has been called up from Gwinnett. Althifuh the future is uncertain, it certainly seems like the bullpen cannot possibly get worse considering the increased effeciency and new additions. I am personally excited about Banuelos, who showed at Gwinnett why he may have just what it takes to turn the bullpen around. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section! Go Braves! 


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