Free Agency Predictions For The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks had a historic 2014-2015 season; however, in the Eastern Conference Finals the Cleveland Cavaliers exposed the Hawks’ weakness. The Hawks’ need to address their weaknesses in the upcoming free agency if they want a shot at going to the finals next year.

Undoubtably, the most immediate need for the Hawks is a big man who can rebound. Last year, the Hawks had three centers: Al Horford, Pero Antic, and Elton Brand. Al Horford, while an Allstar, is not a natural center, and the Cavaliers exposed this. Pero Antic, while the correct size for a center, was not physical enough to be effective. Elton Brand is long past his prime, and is more of a teacher for the younger Hawks.
The good news is that there are multiple centers who are free agents that the Hawks can sign. The biggest names are Marc Gasol, Kevin Love, and LaMarcus Aldridge. what we want to look at is which one fits the Hawks system the best. Marc Gasol is a great all around center, which would make him a prime candidate for the Hawks. On the other hand Kevin Love is a great offensive weapon, but his defensive skills are lacking. LaMarcus Aldridge is another prime candidate for the Hawks to sign; however, all sources point to him signing on a team located in Texas. If the Hawks bring on one of the mentioned centers, they most likely would not resign Paul Millsap, which would indicate that Al Horford could return to his natural position in power forward. If the Hawks were able to accomplish this, I feel as if they would be the favorites in the East.

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