Will The Falcons Finally Be Able to Put Teams In the Dust?

In the years of 2008 through 2012 the Falcons were one of the most successful franchises in the league, finishing all those seasons with over .500. The Atlanta Falcons just could not seem to put away teams in the postseason. The 7 years that Matt Ryan has been a Falcon he is 1-4 in the playoffs. Matt Ryan’s only playoff win came against the Seattle Seahawks on January 13, 2013 and the Falcons won 30-28 and would advance to the NFC Championship game, that game may have been one of the most painful Falcons games I have ever watched. The Falcons were looking to go to the SuperBowl and were playing amazing football in the first half, the half ended 24-14 Atlanta. The second half Atlanta didn’t get a single point while San Francisco scored two touchdowns and won the game 28-24. For the Falcons to be a SuperBowl contending team they need to play one-quarter as if their lives depend on it, and that is the 4th quarter. Have you ever heard the saying finish strong? Well that is exactly what Atlanta has to do if they want to be dominant. Scoring zero points in the second half should be inexcusable.

So for Atlanta to be a top team in this league they need to learn how to finish strong along with other things. They need to put teams in the dust! Now what do I mean by put teams in the dust? One simple word, blowouts. The Falcons in 2012 blew out the Giants (defending champs) 34-0 and just last year beat Tampa Bay 56-14. I don’t know about you but I love blowout games, seeing one team dominate the other on each side of the ball just amazes me. I think everyone loves blowouts, unless you’re on the other team. Falcons will be team to have a chance to fight for a ring if they get there offensive and defensive side in check. The Falcons obviously have a spectacular offense, but they do need to work on their offensive line. Now our defense is a different story. Our Defense has been struggling as long as I can remember, but hopefully with the help of defensive coordinator Richard Smith and the defensively minded head coach Dan Quinn the Falcons years of defensive struggle will end. A blowout could be as little as 3-0 or 7-0, it all starts with the defense and for the Falcons to put teams in the dust, and they need to start with a strong defense! In the seasons 2008-2012 the Falcons won 56 games, 29 of those games were won by fewer than 8 points. That’s 52% of games in 4 years that where one by one drive! As interesting as a close game can be, it may be a curse for the Falcons because we do not seem to always do well under pressure and to be a top team in this league, we must do so. I have full faith that the 3 new key coaching roles will show up this season and lead the Falcons to not just victories, but blowout wins!



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