Braves Acquire Bronson Arroyo

At around 11:50 pm ET, the Atlanta Braves traded Phil Gosselin to the Arizona Diamondbacks for former All-Star and Gold Glove winner Bronson Arroyo and pitching prospect Touki Toussaint.
Arroyo is past his prime at age 38 and is recovering from Tommy John surgery. Do not be surprised to see the Braves buyout Arroyo’s contract and let him become a free agent.
Toussaint is a 19 year old pitching prospect who would help the Braves pitching staff more than hurt them right now. With an ERA of 3.69 in the minor league this season, Toussaint is one of more praised pitching prospects in the minor league right now.
As for Gosselin, he has been more of a role player for the Braves filling in for injured players. Gosselin has never been able to break the starting lineup when the Braves’ starters are healthy.


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