What went wrong with Mike Smith & the Falcons?


In the 7 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons Mike Smith’s overall record was 66-46 which is .589% games he won. In his first season with the Falcons he went 11-5 eventually losing in the first round. In his second season he went 9-7 missing the playoffs. In his 3rd season he went 13-3 which is tied for the best record while he was in charge of the team. But they did not make it past the second round. In his 4th season he went 10-6 losing in the first round once again. In his 5th season which was arguably his best he went 13-3 but ended up losing in a heartbreaker in the NFC Championship to the San-Francisco 49ers, who eventually lost in the Super Bowl to Baltimore. In his last 2 season with the team they went 4-12, and 6-10 missing the playoffs both times. At the end of his tenure he made the playoffs 4 out of 7 times with a record of 1-4 which is pretty bad. This was probably the reason he was fired. He could never get over the hump with the amazing talent he had such as Matt Ryan, Rhoddy White, Julio Jones, and the future hall of famer Tony Gonzalez. 

Smith was actually released of his contract instead of being kept until it was over. After being let go the Falcons owner Arthur Blank praised him by saying “Smitty’s contributions to our club, team and city over the last 7 years are numerous”. Blank also mentioned that he was the best coach that the Falcons have had in their 49 year franchise history. 

Over the offseason the Falcons hired the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator which is a pretty impressive hire saying they had the best defense by far for 2 seasons straight making 2 Super Bowl appearances. He coached big name players such as Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas known as LOB or Legion of Boom.  


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