Fun Facts About the Hawks

Hi, welcome to Day 1 of HawksMania! HawksMania is the week where we give you everything involving the Hawks. It’s in honor of the team making The Eastern Conference Finals. I will be giving out fun facts about the Hawks everyday this week! By the end of this week you will have 14 awesome facts about your favorite team. So, lets get started!

-On February 8th, 1986 a backup Hawks Point Guard who stands at 5’7″ and is one of the smallest people ever to play professional basketball won the Slam Dun Contest. His name was Spud Webb and people say vertical was up to 42-50 inches, but some say his “official” vertical was 42 inches. He also beat his own teammate, and his teammate happened to win the year before. His teammate was Dominique Wilkins, and Wilkins was 6’8″. That’s a whole foot and an inch taller than Webb was!

– In the 1957-1958 season the Hawks won their only Championship. Now before you call me out and say I am wrong, the Hawks did when a Championship, it just happened to be when the team was in St. Louis. They played the Boston Celtics that year in the Finals and won in Game 6. The year before they played against the Celtics but lost in Game 7. The Hawks had four players from that team who made the Hall-of-Fame. There names where Slater Martin, Ed Macauley, Cliff Hagan, and Bob Pettit.

That completes Day 1 of Fun Facts About the Hawks and we ASP hope to see yo here tomorrow!



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