Braves in the Postseason?


After being one of the last undefeated teams in the league, the Atlanta Braves have struggled. One may believe this struggle is do to pitching problems or hitting issues. In my opinion, our hitting has took a huge turn since last season. Our starting rotation is where I believe the issue is at. Other than Shelby Miller, our starters have not been as good as they need to be. Only three pitchers that have played this year for the Braves have an ERA below 2.50 including Miller.
Now that we are almost a quarter of the way through the season, the Braves record is just one win under .500.
The Braves are swinging their bats much better than they were last year. As of right now, only 5 position players are batting under .250 opposed to 10 position players finishing under .250 last season. Braves players have combined for 26 homeruns and 150 RBI this season.
There is still plenty of time for this Atlanta club to improve their pitching and get their win percentage up. No matter what, we still need to go out and support our home team so make sure to purchase your tickets for home games this season. Go Braves!


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