5 BOLD and CRAZY Predictions for the 2015-2016 Atlanta Hawks


This list is consist of 5 of the craziest predictions for next year’s Atlanta Hawks. Just for clarification, I don’t know if any of these predictions will come true. In fact I doubt a couple of these will come true but the predictions on this list have at least a 1% chance of happening. One thing you’ll realize, as the list goes on the predictions get even crazier. That being said, let’s start the list.


1. The Hawks will release Pero Antic

Out of all of  my predictions this one is the safest and most predictable. Pero Antic has been a decent player for the Hawks but he brought some really bad publicity to the Hawks when he got arrested a couple months ago. He has then apologized but the Atlanta Hawks haven’t forgotten about it. Combine that with his bad play in the postseason and I think the Hawks will end up releasing him at the end of the season.


2. The Hawks will win 65+ Games

The Atlanta Hawks have had a great season. They who won a franchise-record 60 games, had a franchise-record 19 game winning streak, the four players to the All Star game, and Mike Budenholzer won the NBA Coach of the Year Award. This has without a doubt been one of the greatest Atlanta Hawks seasons in recent memory but I think next year they can top it. With the addition of some more players in the off season and players now buying into my Mike Budenholzer’s message, I think they can have a better season and win 65 or more games.


3. Mike Muscula will win the Sixth Man of the Year Award

Mike Muscula has made a really good contribution to the Hawks late in the regular season and in the playoffs. I think next season he will see a lot more playing throughout the season and his increased play time will result in a breakout year for Muscula, he’ll become one of the best bench players in the NBA and will win the Sixth man of the Year Award.


4. Dennis Schroeder will earn a spot in the All-Star Game

The growth and development of Dennis Schroeder this season has been tremendous. He has now become a very good contributor for the Hawks and an x-factor in most games he plays in. I think in his third year in the NBA he will become a much smarter basketball player and that along with his talent will allow him to earn a spot in the NBA All Star Game.

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5. The Hawks will sign Kevin Love

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Kevin Love? Come on, now you’re just making stuff up”, but just hear me out. Kevin Love is not the happiest player on the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. Him and LeBron James really don’t get along well so that leads me to believe that there’s a good chance he’s not going to sign an extension with Cleveland. Although he doesn’t have the best relationship with the Cavaliers, Kevin Love wants to win NOW and along with a 60 win season, the Atlanta Hawks will have salary cap space next year. With the expiring contracts of the DeMare Carrol and Paul Millsap the Hawks do have money to spend. Most people think that the Hawks will use that money to sign back either Paul Millsap or DeMare Carrol but in this scenario the Hawks decide to let both players go and sign Kevin Love to a long term deal. I think I’m Kevin Love will like being the first scoring option with the Hawks instead of being the third scoring option with the Cavaliers. It will also fill a void the Hawks have had for a couple of years, the Hawks will have a legit go to guy in Kevin Love. With Kevin Love signing to the Hawks I think their starting lineup will look like this:

PG – Jeff Teague

SG – Dennis Schroeder

SF – Kyle Korver

PF – Kevin Love

C – Al Horford

6th Man – Mike Muscula

With starting lineup, Dennis Schroeder as a starter make the All Star Game. With the releasing of Pero Antic, Mike Muscula will become the Hawks’ 6th man and he will have a breakout season and win the Sixth Man of the Year award. Finally, after signing a star like Kevin Love the Hawks will once again be in elite team in the Eastern Conference and when 65 or more games.


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