A Complete Misunderstanding?

A complete misunderstanding? That’s what Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks seems to think about the recent talk of Bruce Irvin coming to Atlanta. But Samuel Logan of BSO sports interviewed Irvin and he said that Irvin strictly said “Atlanta is where he wants to be” Logan then asked him about the money situation and Irvin said (according to Logan’s tweet) “I want to be in ATL, believe that”. Pete Carroll also said he has been talking with Irvin and Carroll said “He has been working out in Atlanta for these last 3 weeks” Carroll also said he asked Irvin if he wants to go back home and Carroll told Dan Greenspan that Irvin said “Everybody likes to come back home, and its a dream to come back home”. When I heard this I think Carroll took this the other way, because he later said “It wasn’t a reference of leaving us and coming back(to the Falcons)”. Now I don’t completely doubt what Carroll said but, I think there are parts that are not true. I do believe he talked to Irvin about the situation, and I do believe he said he wants to come home, but I don’t believe what he said at the end of the interview about him wanting stay. I honestly believe that Irvin wants and will come to Atlanta next season. If Irvin said to Carroll’s face I want to leave, I don’t think Carroll would go out and announce it, at least not yet. What do you expect from a coach, he would want to keep it on he down low because he wouldn’t want all the speculation on him an Irvin. Pete Carroll is going to try to keep Irvin the best he can, but if Irvin really wants to come to play for his home town, he will show it! His teammate Micheal Bennett was also in a mix of trade rumors with the Falcons. Bennett also believes that the media is blowing this out of proportion. Bennett told Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times “I don’t think he said those exact words that I’m going to be playing for Atlanta. The guy asked him would he love to be a home playing and he said yeah.” Now we can’t blame Seattle for trying to keep one of their star players on their defense because we did the same thing when it came to Tony Gonzalez. When our future hall-of-famer tight end wanted to retire we tried our very best to keep him for another season, and we did! The Seahawks are trying to do the same. Once again it’s all up to Irvin, he has decision, if he wants to stay in Seattle, or come home.



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