Atlanta Hawks VS Cleveland Cavaliers conference finals preview (Long detailed article)


What a great matchup in the Eastern Conference Finals between Atlanta and Cleveland. The Hawks regular season record was 60-22, and the Cavaliers regular season record was 53-29. The Hawks had 7 more wins and 7 less losses than the cavaliers did so the Hawks will have home court advantage. The Hawks won the season series 3-1.

Now let’s take a look at the match ups:  (based off the lineups from round 2) (stats from regular season)

PG: Jeff Teague 15.9 PPG 7 APG – Kyrie Irving 21.7 PPG 5.2 APG                           Kyrie is definitely the better scorer, but Teague is better at getting his teammates involved. Overall I think Kyrie is better but with his injury holding him back a bit I know will have the advantage here.                                 Advantage: Jeff Teague

SG: Kyle Korver 12.1 PPG 2.6 APG – Iman Shumpert 8.0 PPG 2.2 APG           With the way Kyle Korver is playing right now I find it hard for him not to get minute restrictions or to be benched in this upcoming series. Iman Shumpert stepped up for J.R Smith in the 2nd round due to his suspension.      Advantage: Iman Shumpert

SF: Demarre Caroll 12.6 PPG 5.3 RPG – LeBron James 25.3 PPG 7.4 APG 6.0 RPG                                                                Demarre Caroll has really stepped up for the Hawks in the playoffs this season, But is there even a reason to compare him to the best player on Earth? Easy decision.                                    Advantage: LeBron James

PF: Paul Millsap 16.7 PPG 7.8 RPG – Tristan Thompson 8.5 PPG 8.0 RPG       This will definitely be a fun matchup between the Veteran and the youngster. Tristan Thompson has really stepped up for the injured Kevin Love. This matchup could honestly go either way.                                                     Advantage: TIE

C: Al Horford 15.2 PPG 7.2 RPG – Timofey Mozgov 9.7 PPG 7.3 RPG             Al Horford is beasting right now and he has really come in the clutch for us. Timofey Mozgov should give him a run for his money. Al Horford definetly Is the better player though.                            Advantage: Al Horford

Advantage: TIE 3-3 

This series definetly will be one to remember but the key tasks the Hawks must face are containing LeBron James and playing smartly as a team if they do so and play 110% I predict they would win in 7 games.

Game 1 kicks off Wednesday May 20th on TNT in Philips Arena. Follow the Atlanta sports page for you’re everyday news on Atlanta sports.



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  1. Well written but I think that you should give the advantage to Paul Millsap because he is just the better all around player

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