Will Bruce Irvin Help or Hurt the Falcons?


Recently Bruce Irvin the outside linebacker from the Seattle Seahawks said he ‘will’ play in Atlanta in 2016. Irvin said he wanted to come to the Falcons when the Seahawks denied his fith-year option. Now when I first heard this I was too excited, the first thing that went through my head was, our defense is actually going to be good. I mean if you did a quick run-trough in your head you would say on our D-line will be decent this year, we will have Clayborn, Jarrett, Biermann, Reed, Babineaux, Hageman, along with others. Now when you think about the Linebacker spot, you start jumping up and down, Beasley, Durant, Worrilow, Shembo, and the possibility of Irvin. Now all of these linebackers are good players, but the thing is if we get Irvin we will be spending a lot on one position. The problem with the money is that the Falcons main priority at the moment is keeping Julio Jones. Thomas Dimitroff wants to sign Jones to a huge contract before this season. As along with signing Jones the Falcons have some Free Agents that they need to take care of next season, Joe Hawley, Antone Smith, and Ricardo Allen are some of the few that the Falcons may want to sign. If Adrian Clayborn and Paul Worrilow do well this season they also may see a change in their contract. So before we talk to Bruce Irvin and ask him to come home, we need to ask, is he worth it? I say yes, the reason being is because him and Quinn have chemistry, and if they bring that here to Atlanta, we will be a team that will be feared in the league. Also if we can get Beasley and Irvin to work on the same page, they will be the ultimate dynamic duo, also they are both young players and if Irvin can share the spotlight with Beasley and teach him his ways, our linebacker slot may be set. But once again, the money is the main issue, the Seahawks denied up to 7.8 million dollars for Irvin and there’s a good chance that if he comes to Atlanta he will be asking for the same amount of money. Irvin’s 93 tackles, 16.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and interceptions will definitely be welcomed in Atlanta!


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