Should Kyle Korver Start On Bench?


Should Kyle Korver Start on the bench Game 1 against the Cavs? I’m going to get right to the point on this one, absolutely yes. Not only was his shooting tremendously poor tonight in Game 6 against the Wizards , but he had 3 turnovers which may not seem like a lot but two of them came in crucial time and almost cost us Game 6. His FG percentage  was 12.5% , he was 0-7 from behind the arc, and made one shot from within. But everyone has a bad night right? So why am I giving Korver a hard time? Throughout this series Korver has shot 48 shots and only made 15 of them, that is 31.25% shooting from the field. In game 6 he only had 2 points and played 40 minutes while 2 out of the 4  bench players both had more points then him individually and those two had a combined playing time of 34 minutes. If the Hawks want to reach the NBA Finals they need to have consistent players on the court. Honestly I love Korver style of play, he kind of reminds me of the way Ray Allen plays, but in the regular season if he touches the ball behind the arc magic would happen. But I think the pressure got to him and once he was in the postseason he couldn’t handle it. Korver needs to understand that when he knows he’s not shooting well from deep, late in the game is not the time to try and get his touch back.  I would move Schroder to PG and slide Teague to SG to replace Korver. I think then Korver can come off the bench and hopefully make some of his shots. Lets see what Coach Bud (2014-2015  NBA Coach of the Year) will do. But as we wait, Cleveland here we come!



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