Braves’ Pitching Probelms

Before the start of the season, many Braves fans expected hitting to be the team’s main problem. So far, the Braves have been hitting fairly well. Pitching, however, has been close to awful; the Braves currently rank 24th in the league with a 4.36 ERA. Although the starting pitchers seemed to be very promising, they currently rank 20th in the league with a 4.20 ERA. One of the main problems with the starting rotation has been the small amount of innings pitched. This places even more pressure on the bullpen, which has also been struggling after a prominent start. Even though Jason Grilli has looked decent, relievers such as Jim Johnson and Cody Martin have not been getting the job done in close games. We all know how terrible Trevor Cahill has been (as both a starter and reliever). Because the Braves have been hitting sufficiently, it is up to the pitchers to turn this team around. This will not be easy, considering that even Julio Teheran (who was widely considered to be the team’s ace) has had his own struggles this season. But, Shelby Miller (4-1, 1.60 ERA), has been very auspicious and seems to be the new ace. If the pitchers do make a tunaround, Miller will undoubtedly be the leader. From a rather optimistic point of view, I believe that it is possible that Miller will inspire the other pitchers to improve their game. Will this actually happen? Well, we will just have to wait and see. As all Braves fans know, this team has been very unpredictable. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. The opinions of other fans are highly appreciated! 


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