Is Matt Ryan a Future Hall-of-Famer?

e46b0e524f13dfcb438f6f5304339a4f     To the people of Atlanta Matt Ryan is no Quarterback, he is the George Washington of the Atlanta Falcons, the Majic Johnson of the Georgia Dome, the face of the franchise! Now if you’re not a Falcons fan or just recently became one you would think I’m over exaggerating, but trust me when I say this, I’m 100% serious. I was born right outside of Atlanta, so I was born into a Falcons fan, but before Matt Ryan was in Atlanta there was a speedy 6ft 215lb quarterback named Michael Vick. Everyone thought Vick would be the man, he could be the first Atlanta quarterback to allow the Falcons to make the playoffs 2 years in a row. While Vick was around he led us to two postseason trips, one was in ’02 and the other one was in ’04. In the six seasons he had with Atlanta he carried the team to 2 over .500 seasons and one .500 season. Unfortunately, Vick couldn’t get it done for us, but in 2008 a possible future prospect put on the black and red jersey, Matt Ryan! Matt Ryan (aka Matty Ice) was the third overall pick by the Falcons in ’08. Matt Ryan came out of Boston College and the one thing scouts loved about him was that he was a very accurate passer. Matt Ryan has been here for 7 seasons and this year will be his 8th, in my opinion Matt Ryan is the most consistent quarterback that we’ve ever had, if not the best. In the 7 seasons he has been on the team the first 5 seasons the Atlanta Falcons have been over .500. Matt Ryan is the only quarterback to bring the Atlanta Falcons to back-to-back playoff seasons and when he did it the Falcons were in the playoffs three years in a row. Some of the franchise records that Matt Ryan has broken already are; he is the only Falcons QB to lead the team to an 8-0 start, in 2012 he broke the franchise record of passing yards in a single season(4,719 total yards),Fewest interceptions by a starting QB which was 9, and tied most 4th quarter comebacks in a single season which was 5 (he tied with Steve Bartkowski) along with other records. Without a doubt in my mind I can say Matt Ryan is the best QB that has stepped foot in the Georgia Dome. Now this brings me back to my original question, Is Matt Ryan a future Hall-of-Famer? If Matt Ryan was to say he were to retire tomorrow I would honestly say that we would not be a Hall-of-Famer! Now why would I say such a mean thing? Honesty I think that Ryan has a chance to be in the Hall-of-Fame, but I think he would need at least three more Pro Bowl selection and a ring. Did I just say a ring?  That’s right, in order for Matt Ryan to wear a golden jacket I believe he will have to bring the first Lambardi Trophy to Atlanta. Now your probably saying that’s dumb or there are plenty of other QB’s who are great and have never won a Superbowl like Donovan McNabb, or Warren Moon, and even the great Dan Marino, so why am I singling out Matt Ryan? Because when you have quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Bress, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in your era, you somehow need to get on the same level as they are, and the way for Matt Ryan to do that is have a big shiny ring that screams red and black and says Atlanta Falcons Champions of Superbowl…



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