New Falcons Stadium to Open in 2017!


The New Atlanta Stadium is less than two years away from opening, It will open in March of 2017!. The stadium is very advance and can open and close in case of bad weather. The new stadium can fit up to 75,000 people in the stands, and the cost to build it is 1.5 billion dollars. The stadium already has big plans and upcoming events. Some of the big events already planned are, in 2020 the NCAA Final Four will be hosted at the stadium, also the Peach Bowl will be played there every year. As we well know the Atlanta Falcons will be playing there, they will also share the building with the new MLS Atlanta soccer team. The stadium will also be on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive which is right across the street from the Georgia Dome. As you can imagine owner Arthur Blank is very excited for the new stadium, the idea came more  exciting when Atlanta had another chance to host a Superbowl. “People believe it’s going to be the finest sports entertainment facility, not only in the United States, but you know, potentially in the world” as Arthur Blank told Atlanta Magazine. The new stadium will be 30 stories high while the Georgia Dome was only 27. There are going to be 7 restaurants in the building and the scoreboard will be 63,800 square feet which will be the largest scoreboard in the NFL! The Georgia Dome’s Scoreboard was only 4,800 square feet which was the 22nd largest in the NFL. The building itself is 2,000,000 square feet. Obviously Arthur Blank has big plans for the city of Atlanta. Maybe that building will be the place where the Falcons win their first Superbowl!



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