First Conf. Finals appearance since 1961?

  With the Atlanta Hawks taking a 3-2 series lead against the Washington Wizards in Game 5 of the conference semifinals last night the Hawks will be off to the nations capital to try and punch their tickets to their first conference finals since 1961! And there first in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia! 

The Atlanta Hawks have only won one championship which was in 1958 in St. Louis. Can this Atlanta Hawks team win a championship of they’re own? Some say yes, others say no but either way they will have to go through either  the Chicago Bulls or the Cleveland Cavaliers. Of course Atlanta would have the advantage going into this series having home court advantage as they won the best seed in the east. So whoever they play they will be home for game 1, and 2.     


Game 1 will be May 20th @ 8:30 on TNT. Subscribe to the Atlanta sports page now for every day ATL sports news. If you are interested in my own blog follow me at 


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