MLS Atlanta to name soccer team this Summer

  Soccer is coming to Atlanta!! Atlanta is one of the largest cities in the U.S. and they’re trying to increase their fan base by adding a soccer team and rising league to the city. The Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is going to be the owner of the new Atlanta soccer team as well. The Georgia Dome is going to host the CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi-Finals on July 22nd and Owner Arthur Blank said he would like to announce the teams name before the Semi-Finals. The teams first season is in 2017 and they will be playing in the new Atlanta Multi-Purpose Stadium. Arthur Blank said this “This franchise will be owned by the fans” and he also said the new jerseys will be “red and black with a percentage of gold in it”. MLS Atlanta hasn’t gotten any players on their roster yet, but they have worked on contracts with technical directors along with some others. I am personally excited for the city of Atlanta, Arthur Blank, and the commissioner of the MLS thinking of the idea. Hopefully we can have another team to strive successfully in Atlanta. Just two more years!



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