Hawks Must Stop Wizards’ Big Men to Win the Series


The Atlanta Hawks won game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-Finals yesterday. The Wizards played well last night but one of the key factors in their lose was the impact, or non-impact, of their big men. Nene Hilario played nice scoring 12 points including a few dunks and he also had 7 rebounds but Marcin Gortat only had 3 points with a 14.3% (1/7) shooting percentage. For a better understanding of the impact Nene and Gortat just look at game 3. In game 3 Nene scored 17 points with a 78% (7/9) shooting percentage and 7 rebounds. Meanwhile, Gortat also played well scored 14 points, with 8 rebounds, and even having a defensive impact, blocking 3 shots. With their impact, the Wizards were able to jump out with a 21 point lead in that game. The Hawks should put majority of their focus on Nene and Gortat. They have to play them very tight and even double them. Even if that means giving up some three pointers, I think the Hawks will still be alright. The Wizards have never really been a three point shooting team and although they’re really hot right now from the perimeter they should start to cool off soon. I don’t think Bradley Beal will be able to score over 30 points consistently in the absence of John Wall. Once the Wizards starts to cool off from three, they’ll look for their big men to try to provide scoring for them and the Hawks have to be ready for that. The Hawks must shut down the Wizards’ big men if they want to win this series and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since they moved to Atlanta.


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