Meet the team

Preston Wheeler


Nineteen-year-old living in Gwinnett. Passionate Atlanta sports fan and writer. I love all Atlanta teams. Favorite player is Julio Jones. I put my heart into all my content, and I always give 100%.


Davis Tangeman

I was born here in Atlanta, Georgia, and have lived in this state all my life. I grew up IMG_1533in Marietta, but eventually moved to Canton. I was indifferent to sports for a lot of my childhood, but came to love them through watching Thrashers hockey and
Braves baseball with my dad. This opened the door to other sports for me, and I’ve loved them ever since. This is why when I saw a notification to join a website dedicated to Atlanta sports, I jumped on the opportunity.

Andy Hendricks

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and Atlanta Sports have been a part of life ever since high school. profilepic-page-001 (1)Whether I was screaming my lungs out for the Dirty Birds or doing the chop for the Braves, Atlanta Sports have been in my heart. But my other passion is writing. I pour my heart and soul out in every article to show the appreciation and endearment I have for all Atlanta Sports teams. #RiseUp #ChopOn #TrueToAtlanta


Ash Listermann

Hey, my name is Ash and I’m a sixteen year old from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently I live in Fairfax, Virginia and I aspire to be a writer. I’m very religious, image1but I tend to goof off a lot. Currently I’m in a relationship with my loving girlfriend Kayla who is my inspiration for everything I do. I am a die hard Falcons fan and I also support every sports team in Atlanta except for the WNBA and the soccer team. I play football on JV where I’m a safety and a tight end and I also play JV Lacrosse in which I’m the starting goalie. I’m a Freshman in High School and currently I want to go to a college for D1 Lacrosse and Football. By the time I’m done with high school I’ll have gained enough experience from ASP so that I can hopefully become an official writer for a sports team.


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